Crossing the channel

We crossed the channel on Tuesday 26th July and then spent 3 nights at a campsite in Guines, just outside Calais. Highlight: The fun of travelling underneath the English Channel and being able to make phone calls and surf the Internet from 250 metres below sea level! The channel tunnel For anyone not familiar with … More Crossing the channel

The joys of towing!

Just a quick blog post with some thoughts about towing.  On our relocation from Stratford to the New Forest, I did my first stint of towing the caravan (Roy, please take note!!).  And I can’t say I enjoyed it.  Not. One. Bit.  Andy will almost certainly do the majority of the driving on our trip, … More The joys of towing!

The New Forest

  Our next stop was the New Forest, on the south coast of England, between Bournemouth and Southampton and across the Solent from the Isle of White. Campsite: Camping in the Forest, Holmsley Liked: great location, right in the New Forest park.  Clean toilets and showers, and plenty of them (although the people next to … More The New Forest

Stratford upon Avon

Well, our first stop has been great for so many reasons (and not so great for a few others!). Our campsite – Riverside – is good. It is near the river (obviously!) and has very clean facilities, but we are all lined up in one gigantic field, which feels a bit regimented. Thankfully we have … More Stratford upon Avon

Saying Goodbye

It was never going to be easy to say goodbye!   Somehow, no matter how exciting what you are going to go on to do and how ready you are to set off, when you get to the point of leaving you suddenly feel very keenly what you are going to miss.    We have … More Saying Goodbye

The Big Stuff

Well, this is supposed to be a family blog, so I thought it was about time I posted some thoughts of my own! When we decided to take a year out and go touring round Europe, we rapidly realised that we would need two things that we didn’t have. Firstly, a car that was capable … More The Big Stuff