The first week of our big adventure

Mary Arden's farm - Talia flying silently
Talia the eagle owl flying silently over our heads

Mary Arden’s Tudor Farm

In Stratford-upon-Avon we went to Mary Arden’s Tudor Farm. It was brilliant, amazing, fantastic, awesome, incredible, fabulous, great and lots of fun because there were loads of things for children.

At Mary Arden’s Tudor Farm there were bird shows. The birds that the man flew were a barn owl called Millie, a falcon called Sass and an eagle owl called Talia. Millie and Talia looked really soft, cuddly and cute which made me want to cuddle them. Then the man asked for some volunteers and I was one of them. He wanted to show us that owls fly silently.  We sat in the middle of the field and Talia flew over us and I couldn’t hear a thing.

Wild ponies

In the New Forest there were lots of ponies in the middle of the road. As we drove past (slowly) they were turning their bottoms at us! Even though the ponies were being cheeky I still thought they were beautiful because their coats were shiny, their manes were blowing in the wind and they were all different colours.




7 thoughts on “The first week of our big adventure

  1. Excellent use of commas Megan – 3 raffle tickets for you 🙂
    I have really enjoyed reading your first blog post and I hope you write many more! It’s great to hear that you’re having such a good time and I love being able to keep up with your progress. Talia reminds me of the birds of prey centre we visited before Easter – I’m very impressed that you volunteered to be part of the show! Keep up with the blogs – Mr Woods

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  2. Hi Megan This all sounds really interesting. Glad you are enjoying yourself. Love Aunty Anne ps I hope I have only replied to you once. I am on the computer now and was using my phone before !


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