Disneyland Paris

Two days ago we went to Disney!!!  When we arrived I was very excited because I had never been to Disney before. There were lots of other rides that we went on but these are my favorites.

Peter Pan

On the Peter Pan ride we got into a carriage that looked liked a ship. Then all of a sudden it took off and started flying in the air. Last year I read Peter Pan at school, so I am familiar with the scenes. After a couple of minutes I started to feel like I was actually on my way to Neverland. A song was playing and it was called ‘ You Can Fly ‘ because we were in the air.

Disney - Peter Pan ride
Flying over Neverland on the Peter Pan ride
Disney - Peter Pan 2
Peter Pan ride – we were flying over Neverland and could see Captain Hook’s ship, waterfalls and a rainbow

It’s a Small World

My absolute favorite has to be It’s A Small World. On this ride we got on a boat! When we were on the boat it started moving. There was a cave and first there were signs saying ‘ hello ‘ in lots of different languages.  Then as we went further in there were dolls dressed up in costumes from around the world and they were dancing and singing a really nice song.  At the end there were signs saying ‘goodbye’ in lots of different languages.

Disney - It's a Small World_2
It’s a Small World – this was my favourite ride!
Disney - Its a Small World_3
It’s a Small World
Disney - It's a Small World_4
It’s a Small World – I loved this ride so much, we went in it TWICE!

Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is definitely different. The reason that I said that was because this ride was under ground! This ride was a boat ride too. When we were on the boat it started moving like the other ride but instead of there being dolls, there were pirates and prisoners. Also, there was something like a drop and it made a BIG splash!

Disney - Pirates of the Caribbean
This is us on the back row on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  I have got my hands over my eyes and Emma is next to me but you can’t see her!

Thank you for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it.


6 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris

  1. Hi gorgeous Megan. I wish I could have been there to see your face. So glad you had such a memorable time there. You will probably never forget it as long as you live. Love you xx

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  2. Hey Megs . I loved the Peter Pan ride, so magical and Pirates of the Caribbean was great too. However, it’s a Small World was good but I could not stand the music, that tune that played just went round and round in my head for days. Well off to work now . Kisses to you and Em . Say hello to your Mum and Dad for me xx

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  3. Hi Megan – I love your descriptions of your favourite rides, you really do bring it to life! Have you stopped humming and singing the ‘It’s a small world’ theme yet?! It really is a magical place and I know Alice and Emily still love looking back at the photos of their trip. Am sure you will too. Did any of your friends go on the rides with you? Lots of love Jane xx

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  4. Hi Megan. It sounds like you had a great time and Disneyland Paris looks amazing. If only we could have had that ride in our summer festival last year (I’m not sure if it would have fit in the Reception classroom though)! Mr Woods

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