My first mussel!

My first mussel - Emma

A few days ago, I tried my first mussel. I had been wanting to for ages but the sight of one was too gross.

When I asked before what a mussel tasted like, my Mum said “a mussel tastes like a mussel” and she was right.

The reason I tried it:
I tried it because I was curious, and the more I thought about it, the more curious I grew (to quote the book, ‘Kiss the Cow’).

The verdict:
I would eat a mussel if I was starving, which means I didn’t like it but would eat it if I had to!


5 thoughts on “My first mussel!

  1. They are definitely an acquired taste….like olives, prawns, goats cheese, red wine. Its always the weird tasting stuff that you think is horrid as a kid…..that you love as a grown up.
    You’re brave for trying though….not sure I could have when I was your age. Xx

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  2. To Emma and Megan!
    Gracie and I love muccels! Some times you just have to cook them in white wine. Hope you have a great time in France! And Europe,

    P.S What country are you going next.

    From Joe. 🇫🇷

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