Our amazing trip to the aquarium

La Rochelle - aquarium_2

Last week we went to the aquarium in La Rochelle. When we arrived, we got some passes and got into a lift that was supposed to look like a submarine. Then we started looking around at the fish until, finally, dad found a turtle! It was so amazing! It was beautiful with its shiny scales and its shell.

Then we saw a pink fish. I had never seen such colourful fish in my whole life! Then we went into the next room and I saw a stripy fish, lots of clown fish and some fish like ‘Dory’ from ‘Finding Nemo’. I was so amazed, I couldn’t close my mouth!

Then we saw…SHARKS! There was the white tip shark, the sand shark (they are the most common), the saw shark and the most fierce, the black tip shark! I thought the black tip would be the biggest, but when I saw it, it was smaller than the rest!

Then, as we were leaving, I saw the cutest thing EVER! It was a pink soft toy in the shape of a turtle. I just had to get it, so I did. I named her Belle. Thank you for reading my blog post.



3 thoughts on “Our amazing trip to the aquarium

  1. Hi Megan, well done on another great blog post! It is always brilliant to hear what you have been getting up to on your travels. The aquarium looks amazing and I love the turtle! Look after Belle – From Mr Woods

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