Puy du Fou Theme Park

A few days ago we went to Puy du Fou. Puy du Fou is a theme park but instead of going on rides you watch shows which are clips of the past.

These are the shows we went to:

1. Le Signe Du Triomphe (the Roman games)
2. Les Vikings (the Vikings)
3. Le Bal Des Ouseaux Fantomes (bird show with 170 birds)
4. Le Dernier Panache (the story of a French naval officer in the French Revolution)
5. Le Secret de la Lance (a medieval story with horses)

My favourite


All of the shows were fantastic but my favourite was number one: Le Signe Du Triomphe (the Roman games). In this performance, Emperor Caesar is being nasty to the prisoners and his guard says that he loves one of the girl prisoners but Caesar says that the guard will have to fight for her. So Caesar gets out his best gladiators. In the middle of the arena there is a stick with lots of daggers, weapons and fire on it and the girls that he loves gets tied up to it. Then the stick starts spinning round and the girl gets pulled in, so the guard has to quickly fight the gladiators off to save the girl, which he does.


Next he has to win a chariot race with four horses and four other contestants. The first two contestants go too fast and one loses his wheel and the other loses his whole chariot and is dragged along the ground by his horses. Then there is just the guard and one other contestant. The other contestant goes slowly so that he doesn’t lose his chariot but he goes a little too slow and the guard wins. Hooray!

Puy du Fou - Roman_3

Puy du Fou - Roman_2

But don’t think it is over yet, here’s what happens next: the guard is locked up in a wooden cage and then two lion tamers come out with six female lions and one male. The male, obviously bored, is ushered onto the top of the cage that the guard is in. The lion behaves in a sort of way that makes you think he is saying “alright, alright, I’m going” as he has probably done this quite a few times. Then the females are lined up in an orderly fashion except one who doesn’t want to do what she is told.

After all of the lions have left the arena, a tiger is released. The tiger prowls around growling and is then taken back out of the arena. After all this, the guard still doesn’t get the girl and so she starts to plead and the guard asks the crowd (us) if we support him. Of course, we all say yes and the guard and girl are together at last. Finally, the flags are raised and that is the end of the performance. It was a long one, I know, 42 minutes to be exact!

Puy du Fou - Roman

I had an absolutely brilliant and fantastic day at Puy du Fou and the Roman games was only a little bit of our day. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I would go again in the future.


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    1. Yes Stuart, thank you for your comment and I have now replied to your email too – we’ve not had wifi anywhere for a bit and data is running low so we’ve been a bit quiet for a while! Sarah


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