Poland: Wroclaw – It’s All About the Dwarfs!

After Krakow we headed west and towards the city of Wroclaw. You may have heard of this place because it was European City of Culture in 2016. What you probably can’t do however, is pronounce its name correctly. ‘Rock-law’? Nope. ‘Vrock-law’? Nooooo. ‘Vrock-lav’? No again. The problem is that, for non-Polish people, it’s pronunciation is … More Poland: Wroclaw – It’s All About the Dwarfs!

Austria: Vienna

The first thing to say about Vienna is that the number of attractions and things to do and see is huge! The city has so many historic buildings, palaces and museums that you could spend weeks here and still only see a fraction of them. So, we did what any responsible parent would do when … More Austria: Vienna